Aug. 22, 2022

Feeling Like You Need to Know it All Before You Can Help Someone Is A Sure Fire Way of Helping No One

Thinking that you need to know it all before you can help others is a surefire way of helping no one.
I get why you might feel this way.  Our brain is programed to keep us safe, and mine used this against me for a long time too.
But if that were the case, how would we ever really help anyone?
There always is a first time, right?
When you think about times that you've seen the most growth, has it been times when you've been in your comfort zone? Or was it when you stepped out?
In today's podcast episode, I want to share 3 tips to help you get past this belief, so you can get out of your way and start making the impact you were meant to make!
P.S. If you haven't heard, I have a brand new leadership course I'm putting together to help elevate your leadership so you can have the confidence + skills to lead in any situation, without second guessing whether you can effectively lead others to success.  If you're someone who develop new skills WHILE you're helping others this is the program that will help you do that.

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