May 9, 2016

FRF 005 : Time Management System For First Responders And Our Crazy Busy Lives

Time Management for LEOs and First Responder

Here are the lists of steps we speak about during the podcast.

(1) Write out your list of 3-5 priorities

(2) Write out your list of ALL daily activities

(3) See if your daily actions match your priorities. If not, remove them!

(4) Start getting comfortable with the word "No" when people ask you to do things that aren't in alignment.

(5) Try and outsource things that need to be done, but that don't need to be done by you.

(6) Create your hour-by-hour schedule with your new list of daily activities

And the last piece is, rule the world because YOU are now in control.

Thanks for all your incredible reviews, I appreciate them!

Stay safe everyone.