Aug. 15, 2022

How To Get More People To Reach Out And Ask How They Can Work With You So You Dont Have To Spend All Day Chasing Them

If you own an online business and you feel like no one seems interested in your program, so you are trying everything known to man to get more leads but nothing is working, I feel your pain.
I used to believe that the more action I took, the more leads I'd get.
The problem with that, is everyone is focusing on the VEHICLE, and how fast they can drive it.
Challenges, workbooks, surveys, applications.
But what if I could offer you a way to get MORE leads by doing less?
What if all you had to do was create MORE DEMAND from the things you're already doing?
What if you'd be able to stop doing all those other things you actually hate doing?
Would you be interested?
THAT is the topic of today's podcast.

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Above all, stay safe and healthy out there, and keep leading from the front!