Aug. 11, 2022

Microcast: How to Get More People to Take Action on What You Teach

Have you ever wondered why people don't take action on the things you share with them, after you've been able to accomplish what they want to accomplish too?
Do you sometimes make their lack of action mean something about you?
Or worse yet, get frustrated, irritated or resentful of them for not taking action?
Yeah, I used to do all those things.
Why is why in this podcast I'm going to show you how to get more people to take action on the things you teach, so you can help them create massive results in their lives.
What most people do, is they teach others the exact steps it took them to get to where they are...
Only to find that most if not all of the information was not acted on.
Then they think there is something wrong with THEM as a coach/leader, or even worse.... with the people they are leading.
That's not the case at all. 
Today, I want you to understand why, with today's Master your Mindset with Coach Marc podcast.

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