Aug. 4, 2022

Microcast: How to Stop Sabotaging Your Success and Inspire Others to Stop Sabotaging Themselves Too

Want to end self-sabotage?

In this podcast I'm going to show you How to End Self Sabotage, so you can unlock the lid of your potential, and start influencing others to do the same.

What most people do, is they focus on the first thing their brains tell them.

Then they think it into existence, because that is what they focused on.

Things like...

Why can't I do this?

Why do I suck at this?

Why is this not working for me like it does ___________?

Your brain goes that way, because it's automatically wired for survival.

Which means it will throw out ANYTHING it can to keep you safe.

But what if there was a different way?

There is.

Life coaching comes in to play.

If you're ready to end this, dive into today's show!


If you own a business and are frustrated because people aren't taking action by joining your program, or you've gotten them inside but they aren't showing up the way they need to in order to see massive results, it's not your fault.

Most people are either never taught HOW TO LEAD THE RIGHT PEOPLE so they find and join your program, or once you do get them to join, you aren't shown how to help lead them through your program so they take action and get the results they truly deserve.

And let's be honest, if you aren't getting people results, you'll most likely have trouble finding your next person to help.

And I want to help you develop that skill for free.

If you're tired of putting in a massive amount of energy and effort and not getting much out of it, and you want to develop your leadership so you can start helping lead people to more success, grab a free copy of this short video series at { }

Regardless if you do or not, know that this has nothing to do with you as a human.  It's just a skill you haven't developed yet.

Don't EVER make your business mean something about you.  It never does!