Aug. 18, 2022

Microcast: HowTo Be An Influential Leader Who Is Unmoved By The Opinions Of Others

In today's short podcast, I want to share my best strategy for separating myself from the actions/behaviors/opinions of others, so I don't allow THEIR head voices to get in the way of the impact I want to make
What most people do, is they are really excited about something they are putting out in the world, but the moment others aren't as excited about that thing, they think there is something wrong with what they created.
Then they switch to something else, only to repeat the cycle.
Sometimes it does pick up steam, until someone gives you their "opinion" of what you're doing, which plays into your limiting beliefs, and then you stop showing up as the leader you were meant to be.
Today, I want to help share a way that might help you when you run into this situation.

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