June 23, 2022

Microcast: Saying Yes is the Worst Thing You Can Do to Add Value to Others

Saying yes is the worst thing you can do to add value to others.

I understand why you might not feel this way. We've been programed to believe that if we say no, we are letting others down or giving up results in our life.

But can you think of someone who says yes to everything, yet doesn't have the results they want?

Do you also know some people who are constantly saying yes, who don't have the energy and focus to show up on their A game when it's time to actually deliver?

Can you see that if you continue saying yes to everyone and everything, which is probably what you have been doing, you could continue to stay stuck in the space of doing more without making the impact you truly want to make?

What do leaders who make a high level of impact do?

That was the topic of today's podcast! If you'd like to get past this issue, dive into today's Microcast.

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