*Updated February 18, 2021*

I wanted to share the results I achieved after following the program for 50 days before we get into the program itself.

I lost 15 pounds, my 5k dropped down 5 minutes in total (I went from just below 28 minutes to 21 minutes, which is crazy), and my Apple Watch keeps beeping at me saying my heart rate is too low.  Heres a quick picture of what the physical changes look like on the outside.  What's most exciting is what is NOT happening, as I haven't had any shin splints, I haven't hated it, and it did not take as long as I thought it would... I actually only ran 3 days a week.  Plus, I love how my cardio is off the charts, and I just can't wait for someone to run from me on-duty.

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If you've ever wanted to find a way to enjoy running, pass a PT test, or get to a higher running level all without injuring yourself, check out the above video and get ready to feel confident the next time a suspect (or you kid) takes off on you. It's amazing what science can do for you.

Marc & Teresa


Below will give you a quick overview of the actual program, check it out.

What's the next step if you want to get your running on point?

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This is a free assessment to figure out what we can do to help personalize this for you, and see how best we can help.  Plus, I sometimes have coupons codes I can send your way to get a few more extra dollars off.

(Side note - I would HIGHLY recommend the MEGA PACK, that's what we purchased, as well as most of our teammates who want the best results possible.  This would include both Shakeology for your superfoods and quick hit of vegetables, as well as Energize and Recover, which will help you perform during and after your workout on a whole different level.  This is the way to do it.  If you're ready to push your body like an athlete, you've got to have a way to recover like one.   This is it.)

You must order from your coach, or the community will not be an option for you, and that's the most important piece of all (and costs you ZERO extra!).

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