Something Special For Leaders





When you dive into the book, you'll hear how asking powerful questions is a huge part of becoming an influential leader...
but I'd like to offer you a chance of doing more than just reading about it,
I want to help you BECOME that type of leader by having the exact blueprint to do so.

If you’re tired of guessing what it takes to be a powerful influential leader I want to share an opportunity for you to join
our NEW program for leaders at HALF of what others will invest to be a part of the program,
as long as you take action before you navigate away from this page.

What is this short course about and how will you know if it's for you?

Everything rises and falls on leadership; You've heard many influential leaders say that.

But what exactly does it take to become an influential leader?

To become the kind of leader that people follow without seconding guessing, knowing that you have their best interest at heart...
while also accomplishing the mission and getting massive results.

The kind of leader who walks into a room and commands respect, not because they ask for it, but because of the type of leader they are.

You may be wondering what skills that requires you to learn, and how much of being a great leader depends on your "natural ability"?

They are all skills you can develop, and although it does help if you have natural leadership ability, that is absolutely not required for you to be a great leader.

It's the commitment to become one that matters most, which may be why you're reading this.


- You might feel like you don't have the confidence or skills to lead others this way, so you don't apply for that promotion,
start that business, or raise your hand for leadership opportunities that come up.

- You might be already leading but you aren't sure how to empower others to step up and lead,
and create a culture of positivity and growth.

- Or you might feel like a leadership imposter because you don't know how to influence
others to take actions that would benefit themselves AND the team.

I was all of those.

It took me 20 years as a police officer 9 of those years being a Sergeant and 10 years as an online life and legacy
coach for leaders to develop the leadership skills to turn all those things around.

After spending all that time, money, and energy going through dozens of courses, real life experiences,
and now having coached thousands of people through it in their lives too, I want to speed up that process for you.

That is why I created the IDEAL Leader Blueprint.

My goal with this course is to help EXPLODE the cap off of your leadership lid so you can develop the skills and confidence required to be
a great leader, so you can be more effective with helping others achieve THEIR goals all while achieving the teams goals too.

I've gotten so many questions from leaders who want to inspire others to take consistent energized action,
but they lack confidence around leading, and don't have the skills to help bring out the best in others.

Which is why we will show you the exact steps to building your leadership influence and confidence WITHOUT having to spend years learning before it starts to pay off.

Here are the promises I deliver in the course:

  • My exact blueprint to grow your leadership confidence so you can crush every opportunity you have to lead and never have to second guess your ability to lead ever again
  • My step by step leadership assessment tracker so you can focus on clear tasks and keep growing your leadership daily in a way that actually saves you a massive amount of time each day and can be done no matter how busy you are
  • Discover how to become a leader of leaders by empowering OTHERS to lead more effectively so you can create a team of motivated and energized leaders ready to impact the world
  • My proven method for setting the energy and positivity on your team so you never have to worry about morale because you're taking care of issues before they even arise
  • My leadership framework to help you influence others from any position or level, in an authentic way, so that you can be recognized by others as an effective and emotionally intelligent leader
  • A safe community of like minded and growth oriented leaders that are focused on finding solutions while also creating an environment where you don't feel judged or shamed for speaking up

If you're ready to develop any (or all) of those skills, we'd love to have you on the leadership team.

So pumped to share this blueprint with you!!

Stay safe and see you inside the program.

- Marc