Jan. 2, 2023

The SECRET to Reviewing Your Year: How To Learn from 2022 And Prepare For An Epic 2023!

I know for me 2022 was a blur, which might make you want to just jump right into making plans for 2023, but I want to caution you from doing that just yet.

Experience by itself isn't going to make next year better.

Evaluated experience will.

And I want to share a framework with you today to help you pull the gold out of 2022, no matter how the year started or ended for you.

If you're ready to learn from 2022 and stop giving up the power that evaluated experience can teach you this video is for you.

This framework will help you find YOUR answers of how to make 2023 an EPIC year!

If you'd like to see the framework I use, dive into today's podcast!


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And keeping leading from the front! I appreciate you!!