How can you stop taking things personal as a leader???

Today we tackle that in this video.

If you want a deeper drive, head to your podcast APP and download episode 650 of Master Your Mindset with Coach Marc.

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Welcome to Modern Leadership!

I’m Marc Hildebrand.. a father, husband, best selling author, police Sergeant and co-creator of a life coach school.

On this channel I’ll be posting short videos focused on powerful leadership tactics + strategies that are working right now not just at work, but in …

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Do you know how to become the type of influential leader that others want to follow?

That was the topic of today’s short microcast!

If you’re not doing these things well, you’re going to find yourself giving a whole lot of advice and direction without any buy-in or action on the part of those you…

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Oct. 8, 2022

75 HARD FAQ video

Check out this quick intro and FAQ for the 75 HARD!

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Thinking you can figure it out on your own is the worst use of your time or energy!

I can see why you'd think that.... It might feel better to save the money AND ego by trying to figure it out yourself...

But have you ever tried to accomplish something on your own, only to finally succeed after …

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If you're looking for a way to elevate your leadership so you can have the confidence + skills to lead in any situation, without second guessing whether you can effectively lead others to success, join us inside the IDEAL Leader Blueprint help you get started becoming the influential leader you wer…

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How can leaders and coaches find great questions to help coach other people to success?

That is the topic of today's podcast release.

Because the quality of your life is determined by the quality of your questions.... And it's even more important when you're leading others!!

I want to share 3 th…

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Thinking the more action you take the more results you will get is the biggest waste of your time and energy.

This may work when you start taking action.... But over time it creates something called burnout because you reach a point where you can't physically do any more.

Think about it.... If m…

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Leadership is changing, and I don't want you to be left behind.

What do I mean?

If you were to think about what leadership meant to you as you were growing up, what comes up for you?

For me its...

Giving directions/orders
Being at the top of the chain of command
Making your team sacrifice thems…

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"I'm not a suspect!"

Have you ever heard that, or something similar when your family is frustrated because you're trying to lead at home with skills you developed at work or in your business?

That's because those skills don't transfer from one place to another!

What most of us do in the beginnin…

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How can you be an effective leader as an introvert?

That is the topic for today's podcast.

So many people use the fact they are introverts to mean they can't be great leaders, but I actually think it's the opposite.

If you play to your strengths, you can be even more influential than you think.

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Do you find yourself taking other people's behaviors personal?

From there, it starts to get into your head and stops you from taking action altogether?

If that's something you struggle with, today's podcast will help give you a strategy to stop taking things personal as a leader, so you can k…

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How can you gain influence the quickest?

That's the topic of today's super short podcast.

Anytime your brain goes to "how can I impact the most people" it ALLLL starts with the tip in today's show!

Hit up my BIO or do a search in your favorite podcast APP for Master Your Mindset with Coach Marc …

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Why is leadership so hard?

In today's episode, I share why we make it so hard.... and it's actually to benefit us.

I know, kind of backwards, right?

Dive into today's show and you'll see why our brain gets us to make it so hard!

Hit up my BIO for easy access, or do a search in your favorite pod…

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Have you ever had to learn a lesson "the hard way"?

Yeah, me too.

In today's podcast release I shared the 3 greatest leadership lessons I had to learn the hard way.

If you're someone who wants to avoid any of the pain from learning things the hard way, dive into today's episode from Master Your …

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How can you create an amazing family connection without losing out on ANY RESULTS in your business/career?

That's what we tackled in today's podcast.

Because thinking you can only excel in one area of your life is the old way of having "success".

I get why you might feel like you need to sacrifi…

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I get why you might feel this way. Our brain is programed to keep us safe, and mine used this against me for a long time too.

But if that were the case, how would we ever really help anyone?

There always is a first time, right?

When you think about times that you've seen the most growth, has it…

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Things are changing around leadership.⁣

After 20 years of being a police officer in Los Angeles, 9 of which being a Sergeant, 10 years of being an online coach helping leaders create the legacy they truly want, and seeing so many potential leaders struggle with their ability to effectively lead o…

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If you own an online business and you feel like no one seems interested in your program, and you are trying everything known to man to get more leads but nothing is working, I feel your pain.

I used to believe that the more action I took, the more leads I'd get.

The problem with that is we are fo…

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Have you ever wondered why people don't take action on the things you share with them?

Do you sometimes make their lack of action mean something about you?

Or worse yet, get frustrated, irritated or resentful of them for not taking action?

Yeah, I used to do all those things.

Which is why in th…

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How can you create the time in your life to learn an important skill, without having to take away time from the other key areas of your life?

That's what we are talking about in today's podcast episode.

What most people do, is they discover they need or want to develop a specific skill.


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Want to end self-sabotage?

In this podcast I'm going to show you How to End Self Sabotage, so you can unlock the lid of your potential, and start influencing others to do the same.

What most people do, is they focus on the first thing their brains tell them.

Then they think it into existence, be…

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Coaches and leaders this one is for you.
I'm going to show you How coaches Find The Right Questions to Ask to Help Themselves and Others Get Massive Results!

Ever since I learned the art of PUSH coaching, I've made it my mission to learn how to find and ask more powerful questions.


Asking p…

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Constantly "Hustling" is the old way to get what you really want in life.
I get it, there are so many entrepreneurs out there who say you need to constantly be hustling and working in order to be successful.

At many points of my life I felt the same way.

But do you know people who constantly hust…

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