How do you get past feeling like you need to sacrifice a part of your life in order to really get ahead?

This is what I tackled in today's podcast.

I'm going to show you how to STOP feeling like sacrificing yourself as the leader is the right thing to do, so you can actually reach your full poten…

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How can you stop putting off things and wasting time so you can create the life of freedom you truly want, without having to overthink every decision?

That's what today's podcast episode is all about.

I want to share a decision making process that has helped me out a lot.

What most people do whe…

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July 19, 2022

July 19, 2022

I've come to find, most people think about leadership as perfection.
What most people do, is they are put into a leadership role, and when something doesn't go as planned, they make it mean something about them personally.

This winds up hurting everyone in the end, because the shame they experienc…

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I get it, we've got a ton of things happening, in a time when there are so many distractions going on, and taking on anything new never feels like a good thing.

The ancient Stoic Senica joked that the one thing fools all have in common is that they are always getting ready to live.

Has there been…

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How do you EARN the right to lead others, so you can do so from a place of absolute confidence and conviction, and pass that on to those who follow?

That is what today's podcast is all about.

If you've ever felt like a leadership fraud, this podcast is for you.

If you've ever felt like you're no…

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"You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is one of the stupidest quotes I've ever heard

I've heard so many quotes that trick people into mediocrity.
There are a few more I want to tackle in today's podcast, so if you hear these, you throw them out the window...
Because if you keep repeating them, y…

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How to stop losing time and connection with your family, without having to give up any results in your business, career or life.

How do you know if you should listen to today's podcast?

If you've ever felt like you're performing at work but it's at the cost of your family, this podcast is for you…

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Thinking that you are either born a great leader or not, is the worst way to think if you want to make the impact you're truly capable of.

I get it, it sometimes seems like people who are great leaders are naturally born that way.

But let me ask you, do you know anyone who excels at leadership BE…

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It Doesn't Take Much Time to Create a Deep and Lasting Connection With Your Family if You're Doing it Right!

I know it might FEEL like it takes a long time, but it doesn't.

I used to think that way too, up until I started to take the actions I talked about in today's podcast.

In this podcast I'm…

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I understand why you might not feel this way. We've been programed to believe that if we say no, we are letting others down or giving up results in our life.

But can you think of someone who says yes to everything, yet doesn't have the results they want?

Do you also know some people who are cons…

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What happens to your marriage when you have a business?

What about if you are actually married to your business partner???

Today, Teresa and I wanted to jump on and share the 6 powerful lessons we learned about being married to your business partner.

Some were hard lessons, and some were easier.…

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Thinking you need to be told what to do is the worst thing you can do for your results.

I understand why you might think this way, as it might seem that if you take the same actions as someone else you're going to get the same results, right?

Only that doesn't happen.

In this podcast I'm going t…

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Thinking that everything needs to get done is the worst thing you can do to your business, family and mental health.

In today's podcast I'm going to show you how to stop running out of time so you can find the time and energy to grow your business, be an incredible parent/spouse, all without losin…

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I get it, you've heard time and time again that good leaders eat last.

But does everyone who put themselves last show up in the clutch and make the impact they need to make?

I think of parents, who are constantly putting themselves last, and don't have the time or energy to take care of their kid…

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How can you as a business leader, keep yourself and others motivated and taking the action you want to take without beating yourself up or thinking there is something wrong with you?

That's the topic of today's podcast.

I want to talk about motivation from the perspective of a leader.

What I see…

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How can you stop feeling exhausted all the time so you can have the energy you need to show up on your A game when you need to?

Most overwhelmed business leaders keep adding more and more to their plate.

They think they need to pull from their sleep, health, family, or other important areas of th…

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If you're experiencing overwhelm as a business leader, then I guarantee you're doing 1 or more of the following:

1) You are doing so much work and the only way you know to get it all done is by pulling from your sleep or family time

2) You get to the end of the day and you're so exhausted that yo…

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If you're overwhelmed right now in your business (or LIFE), dive into this training to discover how to END overwhelm by discovering how to BE more by doing less.

If after watching you want to apply for our team, hit up and we will reach out soon.

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Putting yourself first as a leader is the best thing you can do for your people.

I get it, people think leaders should eat last….

But do you know any leaders who eat last, yet they aren’t able to show up how they want when it’s game time?

Check out this video to find another way.

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The best leaders take things away from their team!

I challenge you to do that next week!

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Learn a different way, because outworking the problem will never work.

If you'd like to apply to be on our team hit up and apply.

We will get back with you shortly!

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It’s the invisible things that make the visible ones possible.

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