How I Left My Police Career by Creating a Multi 6 Figure Coaching Business

Are you someone who wants to make an exit in your career because you're just not passionate about what you do any more?

Maybe you want to find something that you enjoy more and you're feeling handcuffed by your current role, job or the politics involved?

Or maybe you're just looking to speed up the process of retirement because your day JOB isn't cutting it anymore?

If so, today's video is for you.

I want to share how I left my police career by creating a multi-6 figure coaching business.

Yes, you heard that right.

I recently left my police (LAPD) career of 20 years before I could official retire.

If any of that has you enticed because you too want to leave your career and create a 6 figure coaching business, dive in for the details and the road map I followed to get there.


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