Invisible Time Waster #5 - Perfecting It In Your Head Instead Of Out In The World

Time waster #5!

Have you ever had an idea that's when it's in your head it sounds perfect, but when you put it out in the world it flops?

What if that's the way it was supposed to happen?

What if the way you get to "perfection" was putting out something when it was 70% there?!?

You can never perfect something until you put it out there and find the flaws.

You won't be able to do that by analyzing it in your head.

That's why invisible time waster #5 is perfecting it in your head instead of out in the real world.

This is just a part of what we talked about on our most recent live workshop titled "10 Time-Wasting Mistakes Busy Professionals & Parents Can't Afford To Make In 2023"

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